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Appeal to the leaders of the EU and the US

Appeal to the leaders of the EU and the US

Sirs, Europe is on the brink of a new global war, which will begin in the very nearest future with the Russian aggression.
Today it is too late to talk about any levels of sanctions, but it should be noted that excessive caution demonstrated in the introduction of such sanctions and the inconsistency of these actions actually have led to the stimulation of the aggressor.
The assumption that Putin is satisfied enough with the annexation of Crimea, turned out to be the manifestation of carelessness and irresponsibility.
As in the beginning of the Second World War, the annexation of Austria had only encouraged the aggressor to seize Czechoslovakia, then Poland and other countries.Already conducted military operations in the Eastern and Southern Ukraine suggest that the aggressor would not stop even after the conquest of the whole Ukraine.
Next will come turns of Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia.
Unconditioned response to aggression in the Eastern Europe, the former Soviet satellites , impunity actions of the aggressor in Ukraine, encourage him to expand his aggressive actions also to these countries.
Today, Putin becomes more and more impudent every day. Russia's leaders are openly preparing for a military action, building up military forces on their borders, making aggressive militarist statements about the the use of bombing campaign and even the possibility of using nuclear weapons.
Militarist propaganda campaign is now preparing the population of the aggressor country for a global war.
Today it is obvious that Putin can only be stopped by the military force.
Choice that needs to be done today is to immediately stop the Russian armed forces or to start getting prepared for a third World War with usage of nuclear weapons not only on a territory of Europe.
We hope that the leaders of the EU and the US understand the responsibility that they have towards their citizens, citizens of other countries, the humanity as whole.
We encourage you to move from peacekeeping appeals, from persuasions and sanctions to actions that will stop escalation of the local conflict into a global war.

Chairman of Democratic Union party V.Novodvorskaya
Chairman of West Choice party K.Borovoy


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